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My Beauty Advice to My Dearest Daughter

Did you believe everything your mum told you about keeping your beauty? It turns out that us mums were right in most of what we have told you about beauty. The good point is that I am glad that most of you have listened and followed our advice.

I have told my daughter that using a moisturizer daily on her face and arms keeps her skin soft and supple. Did you know that also moisturizing your neck will help prevent the saggy, crepe paper skin that tends to form as we women get older, and this daily practice is not done?

Another piece of advice that I have been given my daughter is to use sunscreen daily to prevent skin damage. Also, for a skin moisturizer to work properly, it should be applied when the skin is damp still.

But remember, hands belong on the ends of your arms, not all over your face. Touching your face constantly creates germs and bacteria being transferred to your facial skin.

It does not take a fat bank account to have great skin. I have explained that many beautiful women use soap, water and moisturizer only, each day. Yes, there are many who will turn to more expensive beauty products, believing that they will work better, create a better skin tone, prevent the wrinkles from happening. This is truly not the case, you do not need an expensive brand. Check the labels, scrutinised and understand the ingredients and then decide.

If and when you feel the need to wear foundation, be sure to not end it at the chin line. My advice for using makeup, and I have found that most makeup artists agree and will inform clients, is that when you use a bold eye, do not use a bold lip with it, and vice versa.

How many of us mothers attest that when it comes to makeup, less is best; as there is a smaller chance of clogging your pores. If you do use foundation and remember to wash your face properly before you crawl into bed to get the desired sleep. Then moisturize, else acne or other skin irritations can happen! Also when it comes to cosmetic products, be sure to throw out any makeup that has expired as it could cause pimples or irritation on her skin.

Many of us mothers and daughters alike, are still trying our best to follow through on the next bit of advice. Balance our lives is key to our wellbeing. While juggling with family life, work and trying to maintain a social standing with friends – do not forget to exercise and get enough sleep. After all it keeps our skin cells rejuvenated and gives us that natural glow.  

Being sure to attain some time for self-care is a necessity also. Whether that is going for a manicure, pedicure or both, or having your hair done. Self-care is a beauty routine that should never be skipped – it allows you to recharge and keeps you grounded.

The last advice mothers of all ages, like myself tell their daughters, is to be body-positive. Being negative about a simple flaw can do damage, not only mentally but also when it shows physically worry lines and stress-causing acne.

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