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How Elemi Oil Can Change Your Skin

Elemi essential oil is harvested from the pili tree, often flying under the radar. Did you know that Elemi oil is actually a cousin of frankincense and myrrh? These are all resin based oils that can have a number of positive effects when used properly.

Elemi essential oil has been used for centuries, as a means of assisting those who wish to pray. Ancient Egyptians used these essential oils in order to preserve the bodies of the deceased. The oil is often utilized during spiritual rituals. Just place a drop in your hands, inhale and enjoy a scent that leaves you feeling nourished on a spiritual level.

History does not lie. Elemi essential oil has a wide range of health benefits and the skin takes on a much healthier appearance when it is used. It provides the sort of moisture that artificial ingredients simply cannot match. Those who incorporate Elemi essential oil into their daily skincare routine are going to enjoy excellent results.

When fine lines and wrinkles start to crop up, Elemi oil can be used to address these concerns. The properties that are contained within this oil will help the skin to look its firmest and reduce the number of fine lines that appear. Elemi oil is also a must for those who are looking for the best way to keep their skin toned.

Elemi oil is perfect for ensuring normalization of skin oils. Many of us suffer from overly oily skin or skin that is extra dry. Elemi oil is incredibly useful in this regard. Whether we are suffer from oily skin, dry skin or clogged pores, Elemi essential oils are pivotal when it comes to maintaining the proper level of skin hydration.

This also makes Elemi oil highly beneficial to those who find themselves suffering from sun damaged skin and scarring. When the elements start to cause increased wear and tear to the skin, Elemi essential oil reduces its visibility and keeps us looking our best. Instead of relying on over the counter medicines that filled with harmful chemicals, Elemi essential oil works as a natural remedy.

The scientific benefits are hard to ignore as well. Studies show that Elemi essential oils function as a powerful therapeutic agent, thwarting the growth of opportunistic fungi that can cause infections to the skin. Candida is one of the main fungi that is eliminated when these essential oils are used, making them a key aspect of any skincare routine.

The growth of fungi must be stopped before it has a chance to become a pathogen. Once the fungi has become a pathogen, a wide range of mucous membrane infections can occur. Elemi essential oil has also been found to inhibit melatonin activity that takes place. The benefits that Elemi essential oil has to offer are difficult to ignore.

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