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Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate
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Customer Reviews

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Chris Ong
Natural Feel

Just started using this two nights ago. I'm very pleased that there's no sticky feeling after application.

Kavitha S.
Amazing brightening effect

Love how the serum brightens the skin. It’s not heavy nor oily. Love the serum.

Thank you Kavitha for your continuous support!

Lam E.
My experience after using the

My experience after using the Illuminate and Rejuvenate from Kumuya:

I have been using Kumuya's Illuminate and Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate since April 2021. I must say that I'm very happy with the results. My skin now appears more radiant and also much clearer, it also looked more hydrated.

I did not see a darkening of my pigmentation, in fact they appear to have lightened. I used to have sensitive skin and would normally flare up under the hot weather, I have noticed that my skin doesn't react much to the weather after 1 month of using the product.

I also feel reassured knowing that I'm putting only the good stuffs on my face with these products containing more pure, natural and clean ingredients. On top of that, I also love the refreshing smell of the natural ingredients in both the Illuminate and the Rejuvenate.

Waiman D.
Have been using Illuminate Nutri-Serum

Have been using Illuminate Nutri-Serum for 3+ weeks daily before bedtime. Seems to help with the fading of hyperpigmentation very gradually. Certainly no intensification of pigmentation. May need more time to see if it’s really effective.

Thank you Waiman for your review :) We would suggest using our Meracle Nutri-Essence to expedite the renewal of your skin cells to achieve brightening faster :)

Amy K.
Aged spot

I started using Illuminate Nutri-Serum one week ago. I begin to see my aged spots are looking lighter.

Thank you Amy for your review, we are happy you are seeing results! :)

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