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Lit from within radiance

Learn more about our new Kumuya Elemi & Trigona Age-Well Moisturiser


Brand Philosophy

KU-MU-YA is a nod to the Japanese aesthetic / concept of wabi-sabi: ‘beauty in imperfection and impermanence’, as exemplified in hand-made pottery.

In Kumuya we put together 3 Japanese philosophies:


which in Japanese, means ‘nature’


short for the Japanese word ‘mujo’ which celebrates the Buddhist tenet of ‘impermanence’


which in both Japanese and Chinese languages, translate to ‘elegance'

We stand for simple, natural and dignified beauty.

We make all-natural, science-backed, but chemical-free products like Kumuya Elemi & Trigona Age-Well Moisturiser, positively affirming skin changes that come as we age, while helping to improve its health and appearance without harsh lab ingredients.

We believe in gracefully surrendering our skin of youth, making no promises to reverse time, or cover up imperfections.

Instead, we promote simple, stress-free solutions that reveal a naturally youthful glow and encourage a healthier regard for the way we look.

We are turning our backs against the empty promises and pursuit of ‘perfection’ in today’s beauty regimens.

No more pressure. We are all naturally beautiful.



Join the movement, and find out more.

Mission in a Bottle

Every purchase of Kumuya Age-Well Moisturiser will not only improve your skin, but will also help to ensure continued access to these nutrient-rich and rare ingredients.

 A percentage of our profit goes to:

  • Conservation and sustainability efforts for ingredients such as elemi, which is already on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,

  • Encouraging organic farming and the propagation of Trigona stingless bees for cross-crop pollination. In the process, we improve farmers’ livelihoods by helping them avoid debt traps created by buyers of produce who lend them funds for chemical pesticides just to increase production volumes.

  • Helping fund further education in sustainable farming operations, provision of more bees, as well as investing in new equipment, and training, when necessary.

Help us do our work.