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KU’ reflects Nature. ‘MU’ celebrates Impermanence. ‘YA’ embodies Elegance.

Philosophies that when put together, complete each other – to create Kumuya. A state of mind rooted to the simplicity and purity of Mother Nature. A way of being that sees transience in every imperfection. A belief in natural, simple and nutritive beauty.

Kumuya is the art of embracing beauty at any age. A journey that mindfully synergises plant-derived ingredients with science-backed efficacy. Building a range of clean, vegan and wholesome skincare products, so you can go from perfecting your skin to appreciating your true best self. After all, beauty starts from the nourishment you give yourself. That’s why, we’ve handpicked nutrient-rich ingredients, vitamins, minerals and optimal concentrations of actives for our products. While staying free of toxins, parabens, silicon, mineral oils and preservatives. Giving you a holistic solution to better beauty.

The essence and philosophy of Kumuya is now within reach. Empowering you with the healing properties of nature, the wisdom of impermanence, and the pureness of beauty. An experience we’ve mapped out to combine the research, nature and science of Kumuya – to bring you on a journey of grace, love and nourishment. Feel your best at any age today. Are you ready?




Optimal actives concentrations
Only actives scientifically proven and at the right amounts
for proven results.
100% natural and vegan
We believe in mother nature's power to heal and protect.
Plant-derived ingredients and cruelty free. 
No nasty chemicals
Free of toxins, parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicones,
mineral oils, artificial preservatives.
Suited for all skin types, gender and humid climate
Straight-forward, for any skin. Especially those living in high humidity climates.


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