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REJUVENATE Nutri-Serum Concentrate
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Customer Reviews

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Cecilia Tan
Even kids can use

This is so effective. My granddaughter legs was so dry. I apply for her, after two days her legs back to normal.

Irene Lim
A product must try !

I bought the Rejuvenate Serum and i found it very good on my skin with no sticky feeling. Can see my skin more radiant and glow after 3 days using the product..

Chris Ong
Smell of nature

I've just started using a few days but like the smell of the natural ingredients in this serum.

Really amazing serum that rejuvenated my skin

The nutri-serum not only smells good, like essential oil, but also rejuvenated my skin even after the first use! I can’t wait to use this for the next few days to see the results!

Lam E.
My experience after using the

My experience after using the Illuminate and Rejuvenate from Kumuya:

I have been using Kumuya's Illuminate and Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate since April 2021. I must say that I'm very happy with the results. My skin now appears more radiant and also much clearer, it also looked more hydrated.

I did not see a darkening of my pigmentation, in fact they appear to have lightened. I used to have sensitive skin and would normally flare up under the hot weather, I have noticed that my skin doesn't react much to the weather after 1 month of using the product.

I also feel reassured knowing that I'm putting only the good stuffs on my face with these products containing more pure, natural and clean ingredients. On top of that, I also love the refreshing smell of the natural ingredients in both the Illuminate and the Rejuvenate.

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