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What To Eat For Beautiful Skin

Our diets play a very important role in the health of our skin. Those who are looking to beat various chronic conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease) will often rely on leafy greens, citruses and chocolates. What we consume on a daily basis has a profound effect on hormonal balance as well.

What we eat also has an effect on the number of breakouts that occur and plays an important role in the aging process. Certain foods have been known to increase and decrease the level of inflammation that occurs. It is safe to say that what we eat plays a key role in our lives. Let's take a closer look at some of the best foods to eat for truly beautiful skin.


Studies show that these brightly-colored vegetables are a wonderful way to bolster skin health. Those who consume vegetable consistently experience fewer wrinkles. Kale, broccoli, tomatoes are great choices and even yellow bell peppers is most commonly associated with the treatment of crow's feet. They contain bio-flavonoids, carotenoids andantioxidants, which makes them a helpful ally for fighting off free radicals and skin repair.

Olive Oil

A recent study showed that women who had a higher amount of olive oil in their diet showed far fewer signs of aging. Much of olive oil's fat comes in the form of monounsaturated fatty acids, which allow for a more youthful appearance.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is helpful to the skin because it is rich in cocoa flavanols. These plant compounds are instrumental, as they offer helpful antioxidant properties and improve the circulation of the skin.

Pili nuts

Pili nuts are a great choice for those who are looking to bolster their skin health, as they are rich in magnesium and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is crucial for protecting the skin against cholesterol sediments and can even provide antioxidant activation.


As we all know, omega-3 fatty acids are great for the skin. This anti-inflammatory allows us to avoid acne and keep our skin looking much clearer over the long haul.

What Are The Worst Foods For The Skin?

Any food with a high glycemic index needs to be avoided. This includes popcorn, bagels and white bread. When sugar levels increase within the bloodstream, the excess sugar makes its way into the collagen. This causes inflammations to occur more frequently, breakouts become more common, collagen is broken down and allergic reactions are worsened.

Coffee may help us wake up in the morning but it does not do wonders for the skin. In order to avoid dehydration from the caffeine, be sure to balance coffee consumption with water consumption. The skin cells need plenty of water to maintain their natural glow.

By taking the time to modify our diets as needed, we are doing everything in our power to ensure happier and healthier skin. Treating the skin right starts with the dietary decisions that we make each day!

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