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Beauty wellness insider winner serum

We are humbled. Barely just 2 months into the launch of our Nutri-Serum Concentrates, we've received our second piece of exciting news. (First being successfully funded on Kickstarter!) Hot off the press...our Illuminate Nutri-Serum Concentrate won the Best Serum (Dark Spot Control) 2020!!! Not only was it the overall winner in its category, it was also a Readers' Choice winner.

Winning this award is a reaffirmation of our work. After all, the product was designed to work. Simply by the fact that the formulation was built on the basis of proven science and honest proportions that will make a difference. Of course, we put our magic touches to make this such a luxurious and sensory experience. From the minute you open the bottle to when it reaches the epidermis of your face with its nutritive power. 

While we're elated with this award, it is the repeated and unsolicited positive feedback from early users that truly validates what we've created. We will continue to work hard to create even more nutritive products to help more people and earn your accolades. So to all our Kumuyans, thank you and know you can be beautiful at any age. 


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