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5 Daily Actions To Move Your Life Along

Achieving a goal can seem like a daunting task that's too far and too unattainable. Sure, it might look like everyone else is achieving their goals (i.e social media) however no one has the same story. The only difference between all of us is our mindset and attitude towards progress!

Keep in mind that you don't have to tackle everything at once. You can start by identifying one area where you would like to create progress and follow through with it - whatever it may be for you! Find your starting point and go from there. It will feel good once you get going! It might seem challenging at first but if done correctly, it can create a positive domino effect that leads us into many other areas of life - including progression.

Strategy is key so setting up a solid plan would help move things along. Let's look at some of the following areas that could be worked on daily:

Daily Planning

Block off time in your schedule for planning out your day. Spend 30 minutes each morning before you jump into your day thinking about how you will prioritize and execute on essential items (with high priority). If you were to invest one hour per week of focused action on this area alone, imagine where you could be after 52 weeks? That is 13 hours spent towards progress…not bad! This type of planned can lead us into other areas of life as well - for instance, building relationships can be one of the many benefits.

Building Relationships 

Identify people who are natural "connectors" and begin leveraging them to help build your network. You never know where it might take you or how it may end up benefiting you down the road…it's all about giving first before looking to receive.

Knowledge Sharing 

If you're a leader, chances are you have experienced times where you share information with your team and they seem uninterested in learning. Try this: instead of just sharing information without engagement, ask questions that lead into actionable outcomes that gets the entire team involved with the process. It creates an opportunity for everyone to something new while also creating momentum towards progression.


Develop a list of resources that you have at your disposal and begin strategizing how and why they will help you move forward towards your vision. Refer back to this list as often as necessary to remind yourself about the things you can use to propel yourself forward.

Time Management Tips 

How many rules do you currently have in place? Implementing too many rules can lead us into distractions, causing more harm than good. Instead, start with one rule until it becomes second nature before adding another on top of it! For example, one of my favorite quotes (that is definitely not mine) goes something like this: "If everyone looks sideways while driving - follow them." Make sense? If we are all working towards our personal goals, we could build momentum together.

When you do have momentum, celebrate your progress! Remember that you are developing a new habit and every step of the way counts. Keep yourself motivated by setting up milestones along your journey that will help hold you accountable for what has been done, how much further you need to go, and where the finish line lies.

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