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Irene Lim
A product must try !

I bought the Rejuvenate Serum and i found it very good on my skin with no sticky feeling. Can see my skin more radiant and glow after 3 days using the product..

Chris Ong
Smell of nature

I've just started using a few days but like the smell of the natural ingredients in this serum.

Really amazing serum that rejuvenated my skin

The nutri-serum not only smells good, like essential oil, but also rejuvenated my skin even after the first use! I can’t wait to use this for the next few days to see the results!

Lam E.
My experience after using the

My experience after using the Illuminate and Rejuvenate from Kumuya:

I have been using Kumuya's Illuminate and Rejuvenate Nutri-Serum Concentrate since April 2021. I must say that I'm very happy with the results. My skin now appears more radiant and also much clearer, it also looked more hydrated.

I did not see a darkening of my pigmentation, in fact they appear to have lightened. I used to have sensitive skin and would normally flare up under the hot weather, I have noticed that my skin doesn't react much to the weather after 1 month of using the product.

I also feel reassured knowing that I'm putting only the good stuffs on my face with these products containing more pure, natural and clean ingredients. On top of that, I also love the refreshing smell of the natural ingredients in both the Illuminate and the Rejuvenate.

Terry T.
Worth every cent

The scent is redolent of lavender and citrus, and the texture light and silky-smooth. Absorbs readily into the skin without leaving any unpleasant residue, and my skin feels moist and supple even the next morning. Highly recommend this product with its host of natural actives and ingredients.

Thanks so much Terry for your feedback! These are very encouraging words and we love that you're seeing the benefits of the serum!

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