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Welcome to a new era of beauty, where optimal nourishment of your skin from within is the key to sustainably timeless beauty for those who value their skin and well-being. "Naked Skin Nutrition: Feed Your Glow" challenges the conventional definition of beauty, empowering you to redefine it through an integrated approach. First in a trilogy, this groundbreaking book is the amalgamation of years of intensive research and lifelong study of skincare by the creators of clean beauty company - Kumuya. It offers a holistic path to radiant skin without breaking the bank.

Science-Backed Insights: Backed by over 400 scientific sources, "Naked Skin Nutrition" equips you with precise knowledge to make informed dietary choices.

Kumuya Nutritive System: The book introduces the Kumuya Nutritive System, encompassing Nutritive Mind, Nutritive Skin, and Nutritive Food, which provides a well-rounded strategy to elevate your appearance.

Food as Your Skin Ally: Uncover over 100 foods, including Asian selections, tailored to different skin types and how to incorporate them into your diet effectively. Plus, discover food pairings that maximize synergistic benefits, for a complete beauty-enhancing nutrition regimen.

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, author of "What Doctors Eat" & "Superwoman Rx" "The information in Naked Skin Nutrition reimagines beauty by merging the best of Eastern and Western medicine - and helping us all to understand that beauty is not just one dimensional but a three-dimensional reflection of our overall health. I am excited to see this information become more widespread so that beauty becomes so much more - than just skin deep.”

NEW! Embracing Imperfection: Kintsugi-Inspired Photography Workshop NEW! Embracing Imperfection: Kintsugi-Inspired Photography Workshop

Step into a world where imperfection is celebrated and beauty shines through flaws. Inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken pottery with gold, participants in “Beauty in Imperfection” explore the beauty that lies within flaws, both in objects and in your own lives but through imagery.

Led by our hosts at integrated beauty company, Kumuya, you will embark on a journey of self-reflection and photographic exploration in Singapore's heritage-rich neighborhood. The lessons of resilience, acceptance, and the inherent beauty found within imperfections will be explored as we discuss how these principles can be applied, setting the stage for our outdoor photography walk. Equipped with fresh eyes and basic photography techniques, including composition, lighting, and focus, you will capture these moments through your lenses, transforming flaws into art. 

Bring your friends or loved ones and immerse yourself in this transformative experience where every cracked surface holds a story, and every photograph becomes a testament to the strength found in embracing imperfection. Come see the world through new eyes, find inspiration in unexpected places, and leave with a deeper understanding of the beauty that lies within both ourselves and the world around us. Join us and discover the golden threads of resilience and acceptance, one photograph at a time. Sessions are limited to only 15 participants each so register your spot now!

As part of Singapore Wellness Festival 2024, we're launching this workshop at a special price of only S$87 (from S$397) and receive a $30 redemption that can be used towards purchase of any products instore*.

Duration: 120 minutes

Materials Needed: Smartphones/Tablets 

Workshop Timing:
10:30am - 12pm

Available Dates:
15th June (cancelled) / 29th June / 6th July 

* Only during Singapore Wellness Festival 2024. $30 discount must be used on the same day. Excludes the Naked Skin Nutrition book. 

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