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Sustainable Skin Care: Why It Matters and 4 Easy Ways to Make the Switch

When it comes to skincare, the focus has traditionally been on the end result: flawless, youthful-looking skin. But in recent...

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Love and Laughter: How Relationships Can Make You Beautiful

From Awkward First Dates to Long-Term Love, Here's How to Navigate the Hilarity of Relationships. We were recently invited to...

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很多人都不知道,榄香脂(Elemi)精油是从霹雳树(pili tree)中提取的。你知道吗?其实榄香脂和乳香(frankincense)和没药(myrrh)的近亲。它们都是树脂基油。如果使用得当,会有很多益处。 Read More
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