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Optimal Plant-Derived Actives & Micronutrients

In our research, we discovered 2 really important factors that make serums effective, so that visible improvements can be achieved

1) the right actives for the targeted skin concern needed
2) the right amount of actives, not too much it irritates the skin and not too little that it does nothing.

How healthy our skin looks is also based on what we eat. However, we also uncovered that our key organs such our liver and heart get priority so nutrients are channeled there first. Our skin is one of the last organs to receive the needed nutrients. So for our skin to get to it's gorgeous state of health, we need to also feed it with micronutrients from the outside in.  

And that proprietary formulation combining actives and micronutrients forms the basis of what goes into our Nutri-Serum Concentrates. Get yours, or read more about plant-derived actives and micronutrients below. 

plant-based actives


What are Plant-Derived Actives?

Active ingredients are key to effecting changes on a cellular level. Through intense research with our development team in Sweden, we've identified the most effective actives for each major skin concern.  Rather than using a synthetic version of that active which might be harmful for the skin, we opted for those that are derived from plants. Want these high performing actives which have been incorporated into our Nutri-Serum Concentrates on your skin? Or learn more about these wonderful plant-derived ingredients here.

plant-based actives

What are Micronutrients?

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed into your epidermis layer. We handpicked those that are particularly beneficial for specific skin concerns to nourish your skin, and added other natural ingredients that enhance the absorption of our serums. Discover which vitamins and minerals we have included in our Nutri-Serum Concentrates. Or learn more about these wonderful plant-derived ingredients here.

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