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The New Look of Self-Love: 11 Ways To Love Yourself

Self love might seem like a very self-indulgent concept. In fact, some might say that it's selfish, while others argue it requires more courage than falling in love with someone else because you have to fall in love with yourself first.

The love for ourselves is far from being a narcissistic trait. In fact, there are many reasons why we should be the number one person to take care of and show our affection towards. Recent studies indicate that skincare routines start from within and go outwards.

This new look on self love is making its mark by promising a brighter future for all genders. While still considered suspect, attention towards self-care and taking care of the body as a source of confidence is steadily on the rise.

Self love might come with some vanity, but it's way more than that. It's about embracing yourself no matter what. If you're not comfortable with your weight, height, skin tone or sexual orientation – if you don't like something about yourself – start by accepting this part of yourself instead of rejecting it. Then you can try improving upon it until you feel contented and confident enough to stand up for who you really are.

Research has found that those who practice self-love do not rely on other people for their happiness – they feel happy just by being themselves.

It might be hard at first but self-love is a rewarding habit. It takes courage to go through life without depending on others – it's far from being selfish – it's an exploration of one's true identity. Self love also increases our ability to have healthy interpersonal relationships with friends, family members and even strangers because we don't try so hard to impress them or control how they see us.

In addition to this, self-love might be one of the best skincare routines we can start because it's all about looking after yourself from within and treating yourself right.

This involves eating well, working out regularly and giving ourselves permission to rest and sleep as much as we need. Since mental health is closely related to physical health, it's important that you take care of the mind as well. This means doing things that make you happy such as listening to your favorite music or spending time with those who matter most to you – these things will help reduce stress which has damaging consequences for our skin such as acne breakouts and rosacea. There are also specific skincare regimens you can adopt to keep your skin healthy and glowing, which includes having a balanced diet with lots of water (8-10 glasses daily), washing your face twice a day with cleanser suiting you best, making sure that your skincare products are alcohol-free and staying away from harsh elements such as the sun.

Even though self-love is only starting to get more recognition, there's no reason why it should be limited to one gender. For years, women have been encouraged to practice it while men don't really get much advice on how to embrace themselves too - this is known as ‘toxic masculinity’. This might be because for centuries men were who expressed their emotions were considered weak, and hence were never considered loving themselves. Nowadays this is changing as more men are welcoming their inner feminine side to help them get in touch with themselves.

While self-love is always about saying positive things about yourself, it's also important for us to accept and embrace who we are without societal expectations and learn how to love ourselves independently. This way, you'll be able to identify your flaws but still accept every part of yourself regardless of what others think or say.

Taking good care of ourselves is one thing every human should do every single day. This is the right time to put your needs first before anyone else's because this way, you can give more of yourself, wholeheartedly.

So, where do you start? Here are 11 ways to practice self-love:

1. Work out at least three times a week

Working out regularly has multiple benefits – not only does it keep you healthy and fit, it also releases endorphins which make us feel more relaxed and happy. Endorphins will also help you get that glowing skin!

2. Don't be afraid to say "no" when you have to

When someone asks something from us, we might feel bad to say no because we don't want to be rude or offend that person. However, what we should do is learn how to prioritize the most important things in our lives and say no to those which can wait.

3. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day

Why is drinking adequate water a self-love routine? Because it's necessary for our body to function properly and hydration is definitely one important thing that affects the skin.


4. Spend time with people who matter most to you

Hanging out with people who care about you will help you feel more loved and less alone. It's also an opportunity for you to be yourself without having to put on a mask or act differently.

5. Listen to your favorite music

Science has proven time and again how music affects our well-being, so listening to tunes that motivate you can help you get up when you're down. What’s your favourite song to dance to?

6. Take care of your skin by using products that suit it best

Even though skincare is made up of a routine, it's still important set aside time to take care of our skin and that's where self-care comes in. Try repeating a self-love mantra while you put on your serum, or light up some aromatherapy while you soak in that face mask.

7. Eat well, even when you're stressed or unhappy

Eating well is not about eating comfort food but rather foods that cater to a healthy state. Remember how you felt after eating that box of deep fried chicken? Now remember how you felt after eating that nutritious grain bowl? Eating healthy boosts your mood, energy levels and gives you a better feeling about yourself.

8. Spend time in nature or close to water

Being in nature reduces stress and makes us feel more grounded, which is what we need on a daily basis. In Japan, they practice what is known as Shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’ where you immerse yourself in the forest with your modern gadgets - listening to the sounds, sights and smells of the forest.

9. Do something nice for others but don't be afraid to ask for help, too

Doing good has never done poorly for the soul. Helping others makes us feel better about ourselves which helps us unleash our inner self-love. However, asking for help when you need it is acknowledging that you too are human and humble.

10. Find at least one thing about yourself that makes you proud everyday

Before you go to bed, the last thing you can do for yourself is to smile knowing you've done something - whether its for someone or yourself.

11. Don't take yourself too seriously

Instead of always worrying about what others think of you, let go and allow yourself to be free. No one can be like you, so embrace who you are!

Self-love is a journey – a path of challenges you set for yourself – so it makes sense that it won't happen overnight. But by taking care of all aspects of your life – mind, body and soul – you have every opportunity to be the best version of yourself possible. If this means going against social expectations, so be it. You can't be you if you don't know who you are first so start by loving yourself today! That is your new look of self-love.

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