Working Hands Tote Bag

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The Working Hands Totebag is the finishing piece for every urban man and lady’s outfit, adding that touch of effortless style and purpose to the overall look. The bag is perfect for everyday use, and is made out of quality canvas material. Structured yet comfortable whether carrying on the shoulders or with hands.


An ode to the farmers who toil tirelessly to produce the delicious clean foods we eat. This original design is double sided for different moods anywhere you go.

On one side, the sun shines brightly as the source of energy on our lands. Each color representing the harmony of plants with humanity in its purest state. Perhaps also signifying the unique yet complementary brands of the GTCL wellness collection.

On the flip side, the river runs through our lands providing nourishment needed for our soils. Inspired by Shakespeare who reminds us that we are what we eat, and what we choose to eat becomes who we are.


Strong enough to hold a 15” laptop yet soft enough that your fresh vegetables won’t crush. Bring this to work, school, an afternoon out, or the grocer. For the average adult, the handles are not too short that its too hard to reach for something while slinging it, or too long that it reaches the floor when holding from the handles.


- Handle Height: 30cm

- Height: 40cm x Width 35cm

- Constructed from heavy-weight durable cotton canvas with silk-screened prints

- Reinforced at stress points for extra durability

- Washable