Skin Wellness Meal Plan

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Eat your way to optimal skin wellness. 

Back by science, our personalized Kumuya Skin Wellness Meal Plan is designed for busy professionals to be convenient.

The meal plan can be easily adopted by incorporating the recommended ingredients in your choice of food when eating out. We also provide you with easy to follow delicious recipes if you wish to prepare them at home.

You can choose from 7 different skin concerns:
• Acne Skin
• Oily Skin
• Hyperpigmentation
• Aging Skin
• Eczema
• Rosacea
* Dry Skin

In just a week you will receive:
(1) a personalised 7 day meal plan with 3 suggested meals and a snack daily
* catered to your key/focus skin goal
* based on your dietary preferences
* based on your BMI
and designed based on your weight goals!! (yes you can also lose extra weight with this program!)
(2) recipes for each meal

An email with an onboarding form will be sent to you shortly after purchase. Once completed we will send you a pdf of your meal plan and you'll be on your way to beautiful skin and health!